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What does uncle marcos make from the materials he brings back in enormous boxes?

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98 points and brainliest for think of an intense argument you had or witnessed sometime in your life. close your eyes and remember every detail. to turn this into a dramatic scene you will need to make changes that will make it make more sense to the audience. 500-600 words a description of the set up that explains what happened before the scene diction that matches the characters character objectives and obstacles are clearly conveyed a scene that escalates in dramatic intensity diction that is appropriate to the audience words that are not wasted in idle chit chat action (stage directions) that enhance the scene proper formatting for drama
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What is one benefit of using the medium the author used in "great rock and roll pauses
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“what i heard was abominable,” said utterson. “it can make no change. you do not understand my position,” returned the doctor, with a certain incoherency of manner. “i am painfully situated, utterson; my position is a very strange—a very strange one. it is one of those affairs that cannot be mended by talking.” –the strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, robert louis stevenson write two to three sentences explaining how this passage creates suspense.
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Which stage immediately follows the rising action?
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What does uncle marcos make from the materials he brings back in enormous boxes?...

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