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Why is the most important thing about a hero is that they care about other people.

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Plz me (a) assignment how-to essay submit your essay, illustrated with at least one visual. review your how-to essay, and make sure you've met the following requirements: describe a process or procedure using specific information. describe each step clearly. use second-person point of view. include all materials and steps needed for the task. include a minimum of one visual that demonstrates or supports your procedure. use chronological order and transitions that lead readers through the sequence. use language and tone appropriate for the audience. use complete sentences and correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. use spell and grammar check functions before submitting your draft. ill get my own picture just right every ting down
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According to the first stasimon, the chorus appears certain that oedipus is the murder true false
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Imagination. experience. determination. trustworthiness.
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Compare how this myth is portrayed in the painting and in the text. is the mood similar or different? how do the painter and the author create these moods
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Why is the most important thing about a hero is that they care about other people....

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