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Which sentence best describes a theme of "The Three Brass Pennies"?

Question 1 options:

Happiness comes from appreciating the things we already have.

Making wishes gives us hope and makes life worth living.

Everyone deserves to be loved and cared for.

Great knowledge makes problems much easier to solve.

Question 2
In "The Three Brass Pennies," what does Ah Fo's ability to read minds reveal about his friendship with Tuan See?

Question 2 options:

Both men often hide their true feelings from each other

Each man envies the other for his intelligence

Ah Fo learns how much Tuan See respects him.

Ah Fo finds out Tuan See has never liked him.

Question 3
A central idea of "The Three Brass Pennies" is that Ah Fo returns the magic pennies to the magician when he finds out he is better off without them. How does this idea develop over the course of the story?

Question 3 options:

As Ah Fo practices using his new powers, he realizes that he no longer needs the magician's help to succeed.

Each wish places Ah Fo in great danger, so he asks the magician to destroy the coins to protect his safety.

Each time one of his wishes for power fails, Ah Fo learns to appreciate the person he was before making his wishes.

Ah Fo's life becomes much happier after he accepts the coins, so he wants the magician to share them with others.

Question 4
From the text, "Writing, Reading Can Help People to Feel Better and Heal," which sentence from the article BEST explains the benefits of reading and writing?

Question 4 options:

Recently, doctors and psychologists — who study the mind — have begun looking at the health effects of reading and writing.

People who read stories are better at sharing and understanding other people's feelings.

With children, however, it's important to discuss what they are reading. Those conversations help them to understand the story and empathize with its characters.

Because when people are reading fiction, they are imagining what it is like to be in these stories, Mar says.

Question 5
Which sentence from the article about Allison Coke BEST explains why she became a poet?

Question 5 options:

Her mother could not think or behave normally. She could not care for her daughter, so Coke grew up in different foster homes.

"I really didn't believe I would make it through childhood, but the act of writing brought me through," she says.

We learn through the experiences of the characters we read about in books, Coke says.

That is the same message Coke teaches her writing students.

Question 6
At the beginning of the story "The Storyteller," how does the bachelor feel about the children?

Question 6 options:

He is indifferent to them.

He is intrigued by them.

He is delighted by them.

He is annoyed by them.

Question 7
In "The Storyteller," which line tells the reader that the aunt disproves of the bachelor's story?

Question 7 options:

"'It's a very difficult thing to tell stories that children can both understand and appreciate,' she said softly."

"A most improper story to tell to young children! You have undermined the effect of years of careful teaching."

"He was a hard, unsympathetic man, the aunt decided in her mind."

"The aunt suppressed a gasp of admiration."

Question 8
Read this excerpt from the bachelor's story in "The Story-Teller," in which he is describing the character Bertha:

"'Was she pretty?' asked the bigger of the small girls.

'Not as pretty as any of you,' said the bachelor, 'but she was horribly good.'

There was a wave of reaction in favour of the story; the word horrible in connection with goodness was a novelty that commended itself. It seemed to introduce a ring of truth that was absent from the aunt's tales of infant life."

What does the phrase "horribly good" imply about Bertha's goodness?

Question 8 options:

that being pretty is not necessarily part of being good

that she is actually bad whenever she has a chance to be

that some aspect of her "goodness" is not really good

that the three children hearing the story should try to be as good as she is

Question 9
In the bachelor's story, why is the arrival of the wolf an important event?

Question 9 options:

It places Bertha in serious danger and increases the tension in the story.

It frightens the children into not wanting to hear more of the story.

It prompts people who admire Bertha's moral character to rescue her.

It is when the aunt realizes she has been telling the children the wrong kind of story.

Question 10
Read the last line of the poem.

"And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep."

Why does the poet repeat the last line of "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"?

Question 10 options:

to maintain the rhyme scheme of the poem

to demonstrate that the speaker is weary from his trip

to emphasize that the speaker feels burdened by the journey ahead

to stress the speaker's commitment to fulfilling his obligations

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