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Is violence ever justified? argumentative essay

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What do technical writers need to do when using an image?
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May someone me with these questions
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Which is the best summary of emerson’s view of solitude expressed in society and solitude? spending time in solitude is preferable to spending time in society, and it is ultimately more beneficial. though solitude is not necessarily valuable in and of itself, it is important to recognize its significance within a larger community. solitude can be beneficial in that it allows the mind to contemplate necessary and difficult questions. only through spending time in solitude and in deep observation of the natural world can one find happiness within society.
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Which of these number is main idea? i need . (1) the health-care field is now a stable middle-class career path for a number of americans, especially women. (2) "we used to think about the men going out with their lunch bucket to their factory, and those were good jobs," said jane waldfogel, a professor at columbia university who studies work and family issues. (3) "what's the corresponding job today? (4) it's in the health-care sector." (5) in 1980, 1.4 million jobs in health care paid a middle-class wage; today, the figure is 4.5 million. (6) the pay of registered nurses—now the third-largest middle-income occupation and one that continues to be overwhelmingly female—has risen strongly. (7) the median salary of $61,000 a year in 2012 was 55 percent greater, adjusted for inflation, than it was three decades earlier. (8) back then, more than a quarter of middle-income jobs were in manufacturing, a sector long dominated by men. (9) now, as of 2015, it is just 13 percent. (10) tabitha waugh is one success story; the daughter of a teacher's aide and a gas station manager, she now works as a registered nurse for $27 an hour.
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Is violence ever justified? argumentative essay...

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