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Which of the following is a domestic influence on foreign-policy

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What effect did john hay’s open door policy letters have on the imperial powers of britain, france, germany, russia, and japan? a. it provoked the imperial powers to declare war on the united states. b. it caused the imperial powers to restrict trade in their trade with china. c. it warned the imperial powers that the united states would soon declare war on china. d. it signaled to those powers that the united states would take a larger role in world affairs than before.
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How will thinking on the margin increase the chance of long-term success for your business, even if additional competition enters your community?
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The sixth amendment of the u. s. constitution guarantees the right to which of the following?
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How was the storming of the bastille important to the french revolutiona) it forced the king to accept the people's demands for justice. b) it marked the official beginning of the french revolution. c) it compelled the government to treat people with respect. d) it exposed the french soldier's lazy attitudes and weak skills. e) it symbolized the constitutional monarchy.
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Which of the following is a domestic influence on foreign-policy...

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