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Several companies produce personal water filters that can travel anywhere. Such filters make any water safe to drink by removing bacteria and other contaminants. However, they cannot filter heavy metals and viruses or remove salt. The filters are constructed of sturdy plastic and weigh just two ounces. They can be purchased in stores or online for about $20. Evaluate this design by describing the criteria it does or does not meet.

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Unpolarized light of intensity i_0=750w/m^2 is incident upon two polarizers. after passing through both polarizers the intensity is i_2=280w/m^2. (a) what is the intensity of the light after it passes through the first polarizer in w/m^2? (b) write an equation for the angle between the polarizers in terms of the initial (i_0) and final (i_2) intensities. (c) find the angle between the polarizers in degrees.
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Explain the comparisons between nature and packingtown that appears on pages 81 and 82 answer
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This energy transformation diagram represents the energy of a skateboarder moving along a half-pipe. as she skates toward the top of the half-pipe, her original kinetic energy is converted to potential energy and friction. how much of the energy is potential?
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69. air frictionthe velocity of the satellitea. decreases b. increases c. sometimes increases sometimedecreases d. no effect at all70. the unit of gravitational potential energy isa. jouté b. watt c. newtond. pascal71. which of the following is not influenced by a magneta. cobalt b. copper c. irond. nickel72. one joule of work done in one second by unit positive chargea.1 watt b.1 volt c.1 js d. none73. the most deviated colour of light after passing through a prisea. violet b. red c. green d. yellow4. a coin is placed below a beaker fill with water upto 12 cm isdisplaced by water isa. 9cm b.6cmс.3cmd.7cm
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Several companies produce personal water filters that can travel anywhere. Such filters make any wat...

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